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Naxos Classical Spotlight explores the world of classical music. Along the way host Raymond Bisha shares the stories about the music, and the musicians who make it.  Raymond has been involved in classical music as a professional French Horn player, broadcaster, opera tour manager, concert organizer and since 2005 as a podcaster for Naxos.

Oct 18, 2019

If playlists had been available in the 18th century, Magna Sequentia IIwould undoubtedly have enjoyed an enthusiastic reception, with its varied track list embodying a theme of music by association. In her second of three Magna Sequentias, pianist Sonia Rubinsky leads with J. S. Bach’s Overture in the French Style and follows by building around it a grand suite of Bach’s dances for keyboard. The programme of 17 movements illustrates the different styles and expressive moods of Bach’s dance writing. Taken together, the collection is an international potpourri that blends the ornate and sophisticated French style, the more straightforward and virtuosic Italian style, and the stricter contrapuntal writing of the German style, with a touch of England thrown in for good measure. Raymond Bisha presents the introduction to this release.